No one ever tells you that being a medical practitioner and business owner are two different things that require two different types of people.

The need for proper organization and accountability is more important than ever for private medical practitioners.  Successfully operating your own practice requires a meticulous attention to detail for the high volume of paperwork, regulatory forms, and qualification standards, not to mention maintaining the corporate ecosystem of employees, benefits, payroll, and other administrative duties.

When you choose Autus Health, you alleviate hours of billable time in filing, researching, and record keeping so you can realign your focus on the medical procedures you set out to do.

Top reasons to choose Autus Health

  • Autus Health is a nationally experienced and proficient billing company, in business since 1996.
  • Receive first hand support and collaborate with your very own Key Account Executive.
  • We maintain a 98% clean claim rate track record for increasing practice efficiency within the first case with a new client.
  • Capture credit card payments easily for patient co-pays, unpaid balances, and other billing services.
  • Expedite patient billings and payments with our “Patient Portal” integration.
  • Increase efficiency and workflow productivity with our scheduling services, eEligibility, ePrescribing, and eHR technologies.
  • Review your key performance indicators and various reports on your schedule and sort data as you would like to see it.
  • Expedite billing and processing by capturing charges with EHR technologies.
  • Receive automated reports to stay informed on your practice finances.
  • Stay informed of compliance regulations and changes.
  • Access software from virtually anywhere and at greater speeds.
  • Autus Health keeps your patient and practice data secure.
  • Eliminate expensive server costs by taking advantage of our fully dedicated systems.