Being the best medical practitioner requires a specific knowledge and technique. Autus Health will keep you accountable at the highest caliber of performance and operation.

Credentialing is the process of establishing contracts for physicians with the necessary insurance payers in order to accept payment from those payers.  Autus Health aligns you with the entire spectrum of payers you need to be credentialed with, from the largest, more popular payers, to the smaller, localized, and sometimes industry relevant payers.  Our team will set your practice up for success by creating contracts with each insurance payer to ensure you are able to accept a wide range of payments, further increasing your potential base of patients.

In addition to establishing these contracts, Autus will further see to the maintenance of these contracts.  Periodically, credentialing contracts will need to be renewed and missing a contract renewal can often have heavy consequences, like not getting paid!  Our team monitors every one of your contracts to ensure your physicians and your practice are credentialed and up to date across the board.  And as we’ve said, we aim to make this a true partnership with your practice.  That means we’ll fight to get you the best rates possible with each insurance payers, which often translates to higher payments from the insurance payers.

Part of a larger hospital?  Autus has your primary sourcing needs covered, too.  We handle the entire extent of paperwork, filing, and communications with hospitals and boards to ensure your certifications, credentialing, and liability insurance are all included to keep you up and running.  Our comprehensive reports have helped hundreds of physicians by making a clear case and representation to hospital administrations and boards.  We’ll keep your relationship smooth by making it easy for both sides to quickly find the information they need and you maintain your hospital privileges.

And we keep your licensing intact and up to date, filing any and all malpractice insurance and pertinent DEA information.  Organizations such as CAQH are then quickly able to verify your necessary credentials, licenses, and certifications.

It’s simple – you do less paperwork, get timely and accurate credential filing, continue operating smoothly, get paid on time, and relay information easily with our personalized information portal.