Effectively managing the business of your medical practice.

  • Industry Benchmarking – We conduct thorough studies with relative context and comprehensive analysis to measure goals and objectives for your practice.
  • Compliancy – Autus Health will help you and your employees maintain proper compliance and accountability, keeping your services at peak performance.
  • Streamline Efficiency – Pinpoint exact areas to improve upon with our analytical surveys to nourish your practice’s strengths while discovering areas of improvement.
  • Key Account Executive – Your thoughtfully assigned Account Executive has a minimum of 5 years relevant experience specific to your practice.
  • Case Studies – Receive in-depth reporting and analysis of your practice with before and after metrics. And when you opt-in to be a case study, we’ll discount our cost of service!
  • Analysis & Strategy – Numbers do the best talking and we ensure that you have quantifiable data to compare where your business is going versus where it has been.
  • Credentialing – Let our team manage the complex and tedious paperwork of proper credentials while staying informed on upcoming expirations, new techniques, and industry standards.
  • Competitor Benchmark – Operating in a vacuum will prevent true growth for your practice. We’ll compare your brand, presence, and revenues across your local and outside markets.
  • Teamwork – We are not some outsourced “suits” who keep your books – we are your partners. Our aim is to see your practice grow and thrive.